National Food Institute - Technical University of Denmark (DTU) Danish Food Composition Databank - ed. 7.01


Special lists

For certain foods/components, the amount of information is so sparse that a general food entry in the food composition databank is not possible. Instead, special lists are presented.

As an example of such a special list is the mineral content of tap water from 51 localities distributed in all of Denmark.

To begin with, the iodine content of tap water is presented. This will be followed at a later stage by information on additional 12 minerals when the analytical work has been completed.

Iodine content of Danish tap water

In the following list, the average iodine content (µg/100 g) from 47 localities is shown with information on the variation and number of samples. The samples have been taken in households:


LocalityContentVariationNo. of
Copenhagen municipality1.60 0.862.5814
Frederiksberg municipality1.801.32-2.004
Frederikssund municipality0.560.57-0.604
Køge municipality2.502.52-2.744
Hillerød municipality2.302.26-2.294
Slagelse municipality3.062.66-3.452
Nykøbing Falster municipality2.001.32-2.334
Odense municipality1.000.95-1.234
Aabenraa municipality0.700.62-0.804
Ribe municipality0.610.60-0.612
Fredericia municipality0.670.62-0.722
Thisted municipality0.290.28-0.304
Aalborg municipality0.500.25-0.856
Frederikshavn municipality1.801.34-2.484
Varde municipality0.360.35-0.372
Herning municipality0.340.32-0.352
Ballerup municipality2.372.36-2.382
Gladsaxe municipality1.691.62-1.762
Skagen municipality13.92
Brønderslev municipality0.462
Sæby municipality0.652
Farsø municipality0.192
Hobro municipality0.802
Lyngby Taarbæk municipality1.761.55-1.962
Gentofte municipality1.051.00-1.102
Lemvig municipality0.242
Holstebro municipality0.632
Videbæk municipality0.132
Grindsted municipality0.092
Kolding municipality0.752
Tønder municipality0.332
Sønderborg municipality1.502
Ærøskøbing municipality1.602
Faaborg municipality1.402
Middelfart municipality0.882
Nyborg municipality2.502
Korsør municipality2.502
Skælskør municipality1.502
Kalundborg municipality2.702
Samsø municipality4.802
Roskilde municipality0.582
Vordingborg municipality3.702
Nykøbing Rørvig municipality (Nykøbing Sjælland)5.702
Nakskov municipality4.802
Læsø municipality0.462
Brande municipality0.262
Silkeborg municipality0.382
Mørsø municipality0.422
Jylland, unspec.0.570.21-2.4818
Funen, unspec.0.950.78-1.232
Sjælland, unspec.1.870.57-3.0220


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