National Food Institute - Technical University of Denmark (DTU) Danish Food Composition Databank - ed. 7.01


Search on part of name

In the free text search, you can type part of the name of the food you are searching for information on:

Type part of the food name:

The result of the free text search shows all the foods in the Food Composition Databank containing the entered search criteria, whatever the string is in the beginning, in the end or in the middle of the food name. As an example, a search on


will result in a list with all food names in the Databank containing the text *butter*:

Butter, salt added
Butterhead lettuce (US), cabbage lettuce (UK), raw
Milk, buttermilk with lemon
Milk, buttermilk, 0.3 % fat
Oil, cocoa butter
Peanut butter
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