National Food Institute - Technical University of Denmark (DTU) Danish Food Composition Databank - ed. 7.01


Food list according to chosen food group

The databank contains information about the following foods from the food group:



 No.Food name

 0337Apple juice, canned or bottled

 1079Aquavit, 40 % vol., average values

 1080Aquavit, spiced, average values

 0346Beer, danish household, low alcohol

 0979Beer, danish household, low alcohol, average values

 0347Beer, export, alc. 5.6 % by vol.

 0350Beer, lager, alc. 2.6 % by vol.

 0349Beer, lager, alc. 4.4 % by vol.

 0348Beer, strong, alc. 7.6 % by vol.

 0838BITTER, all types, average values

 0839BITTER, sweet, all types, average values

 0623Brandy, cognac

 0042Carbonated drinks, Cola

 1068Cocoa, instant, med milk, powder

 0036Cocoa, instant, without milk, powder

 0035Cocoa, powder

 0103Coffee bean, roasted, ground

 0105Coffee, beverage

 1065Coffee, instant, decaffeinated, powder

 1066Coffee, instant, decaffeinated, prepared with water

 0104Coffee, instant, powder

 1067Coffee, instant, prepared with water


 0413Liqueur, Advocaat

 1069Liqueur, average values

 1070Liqueur, brown cocoa

 0414Liqueur, Cherry Brandy

 1071Liqueur, coffee

 1072Liqueur, coffee with cream

 1073Liqueur, Crème de Menthe

 0415Liqueur, Curacao


 1559Non-alcoholic beverage (light), concentrated (1+10), sugar not added

 1558Non-alcoholic beverage, concentrated (1+5), sugar added



 0408Sherry, dry

 0409Sherry, medium

 0410Sherry, sweet

 0472Soft drink, sugar added

 0473Soft drink, unsweetened, average values

 0416Spirits, 70 % proof

 0304Tea, leaves

 0305Tea, ready-to-drink

 0411Vermouth, dry

 0412Vermouth, sweet


 0474Water, carbonated

 0327Water, tap, drinking, average values


 0237Wine, red

 1085Wine, red, rosé, non-alcoholic

 1075Wine, rosé

 1419Wine, white, average values

 0093Wine, white, dry

 0091Wine, white, medium

 1086Wine, white, non-alcoholic

 1063Wine, white, Rhine wine

 1064Wine, white, sparkling, champagne

 0092Wine, white, sweet


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