National Food Institute - Technical University of Denmark (DTU) Danish Food Composition Databank - ed. 7.01


Food list according to chosen food group

The databank contains information about the following foods from the food group:


 12Sugar, honey and products thereof

 No.Food name

 1237Chewing gum, no sugar added, all types

 1236Chewing gum, sugar added, all types

 0039Chocolate, bitter

 0451Chocolate, fancy and filled

 0038Chocolate, milk

 1101Chocolate, milk, with nuts

 1167Chocolate, plain, couverture

 2009Dragée, average values

 2007Drageé, liquorice


 0448Fruit gums


 0445Liquorice allsorts

 1104Liquorice, average values

 1105Liquorice, salt

 1106Liquorice, sweet

 1238Marshmellows, unspecified


 2006Marzipanproduct, chocolatecover, average values


 1233Pastilles, sugar added, unspecified

 1234Pastilles, sugarfree, unspecified



 0502Sugar, brown

 1112Sugar, Demerara

 0154Sugar, sucrose, white

 0444Sweets, boiled

 1195Sweets. unspecified

 1108Syrup, kitchen

 0441Toffees, mixed

 1179Toffees, unspecified


 0855Whipped egg white and sugar with chocolate covering


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