National Food Institute - Technical University of Denmark (DTU) Danish Food Composition Databank - ed. 7.01


The content of a specific component

 0284  25-hydroxycholecalciferolµg/100g 

 No.Food name ContentSource 

 0288Pig, fat      0.1906004 
 0371Pork, cheek, cut, raw      0.14800398 
 0266Sausage, salami      0.14500398 
 0373Pork, thick belly with rind, raw      0.1400369 
 0274Sausage, salami      0.13800398 
 0012Pork, belly, whole cut, cured, raw      0.1306004 
 0381Pork, collar, defatted, raw      0.1300369 
 5024Pork, spare rib roast of thick belly, approx. 2 mm fat, raw      0.1306004 
 0284Pork, meat, approx. 32 % fat, raw      0.12300398 
 0547Lamb, flank, spiced, cooked      0.12200398 
 5022Pork, spare rib roast of thin belly with rind, raw      0.1206004 
 5025Pork, spare ribs, raw      0.1206004 
 5029Pork, cocktail sausage      0.12T0292 
 0929Pork, thick belly, defatted, approx. 2 mm rind, raw      0.11600398 
 0293Pork, mettwurst, smoked      0.11400398 
 0552Pork/beef sausage, saveloy type      0.11200398 
 0296Pork sausage, saveloy type      0.11200398 
 0935Pork sausage, frankfurter type      0.11200398 
 0295Pork, flank, spiced, cooked      0.11100398 
 0581Sausage, frankfurter, fried      0.11100398 
 0292Pork, sausage, frankfurter      0.11100398 
 0382Pork, collar with rind, raw      0.11000398 
 5023Pork, collar with rind, raw      0.1106004 
 0013Pork, belly, streaky bacon, whole cut, cured, raw      0.1106004 
 5026Bacon, steaky bacon, diced, raw      0.1106004 
 5021Pork, loin with rind, raw      0.1106004 
 0375Pork, leg with knuckle, raw      0.11000398 
 5018Pork, flank, rolled, raw      0.1106004 
 5020Pork, loin with rind, raw      0.1106004 
 5019Pork, rib steaks, raw      0.1106004 
 0582Sausage, frankfurter, boiled      0.10900398 
 1304Bacon, sliced, raw      0.10900398 
 0550Pork, neck, smoked, boiled      0.10800398 
 0374Pork, thin belly with rind, raw      0.10800398 
 0287Pork, meat, approx. 20 % fat, raw      0.10600398 
 0299Pork, brawn, head cheese      0.10500398 
 0926Pork, thin belly, lean, approx. 2 mm rind, raw      0.10400398 
 0294Pork, sausage, danish, raw      0.10400398 
 1343Pork, minced, high fat content, raw      0.10400398 
 1001Pork, sausage, frankfurter, canned      0.10300398 
 0376Pork, hand, approx. 16 % fat, raw      0.10200398 
 0372Pork, flank, raw      0.10200398 
 5015Pork, loin, defatted (approx. 3 mm fat), raw      0.1006004 
 5017Pork, shoulder steaks, raw      0.1006004 
 5014Pork, slice of neck, raw      0.1006004 
 5027Pork, ham, viking steak, raw      0.1006004 
 5016Pork, chop, raw      0.1006004 
 0250Pork, ham, smoked, boiled      0.09900398 
 0920Pork, ham, silverside (M. Biceps Femoris), 5 mm rind, raw      0.09900398 
 0249Pork, ham, smoked      0.09800398 
 1247Pork, hand with rind, raw      0.09800398 
 0543Pork, ham, bayonne style, deboned      0.09700398 
 0380Pork, loin, defatted (approx. 3 mm fat), raw      0.09700398 
 0285Pork, meat, approx. 10 % fat, raw      0.09700398 
 1245Pork, ham, silverside with rind, raw      0.09700398 
 1344Pork, minced, low fat content, raw      0.09500398 
 1246Pork, ham, silverside, 2 mm fat, raw      0.09500398 
 1244Pork, hind leg without rind, raw      0.09100398 
 0937Tongue, pig, cured      0.0900413 
 5012Pork, ham, silverside (M. Semitendinosus), lean, raw      0.0906004 
 0379Pork, loin with rind, raw      0.0900369 
 5028Pork, minced, approx. 6% fat, raw      0.0906004 
 5010Pork, hand, diced, lean, raw      0.0906004 
 5009Pork, ham, outside muscle (M. biceps femoris), shredded, raw      0.0906004 
 0324Tongue, pig, raw      0.0900413 
 5007Pork, cheek meat, lean, raw      0.0906004 
 5008Pork, ham, outside muscle (M. biceps femoris), diced, lean, raw      0.0906004 
 1140Pork, saddle, smoked, raw      0.08800398 
 0925Pork, hand, lean, raw      0.08800398 
 0248Pork, ham, cured, canned      0.08800398 
 0548Pork, saddle, smoked, boiled      0.08800398 
 0921Pork, ham, silverside (M. Semitendinosus), lean, raw      0.08700398 
 0080Heart, pork, raw      0.08700398 
 0378Pork, tenderloin, trimmed, raw      0.08600398 
 0298Pork, loin fillet, smoked      0.08600398 
 0928Pork, oyster cut, lean, raw      0.08600398 
 0922Pork, ham, thick flank (M. Quadiceps Femoris), lean, raw      0.08600398 
 1347Pork sausage, saveloy type, low fat      0.08600398 
 1448Pork, ham, boiled, sliced      0.08600398 
 0919Pork, ham, silverside (M. Biceps Femoris), lean, raw      0.08600398 
 0286Pork, meat, lean, approx. 3 % fat, raw      0.08500398 
 0923Pork, ham, topside (M. Semimembranosus), lean, raw      0.08400398 
 0927Pork, loin, lean, raw      0.08400398 
 0918Pork, legmuscles without knuckle, lean, raw      0.0806004 
 5001Pork, loin (filet royal), lean, raw      0.0806004 
 5002Pork, loin (medaillon), lean, raw      0.0806004 
 5003Pork, loin (sauté slices), lean, raw      0.0806004 
 5004Pork, tenderloin, trimmed, raw      0.0806004 
 5005Pork, ham, schnitzel, escalope, raw      0.0806004 
 5006Pork, ham, wok strips from topside, raw      0.0806004 
 0924Pork, ham, chump (M. Glutaei Etc.), lean, raw      0.0806004 


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