National Food Institute - Technical University of Denmark (DTU) Danish Food Composition Databank - ed. 7.01


Download data

At this web page, you can download the Danish Food Composition Databank's data and use them on your own computer or in own software.

If you are distributing the data to a third party, we ask that you respect the intellectual property rights as well as the copyrights. Please study the Use of food data.

If data, direct or derivative in the form of calculations and the like are made available via the Internet, there must be a hyperlink to the food data bank 'in a clearly visible place' in the vicinity of the presented data.

Nota Bene: We do not consider this claim fullfilled by simply putting a link to the Food Data Bank on a general link page!

Full version contains all data from the Danish Food Composition Databank, version 7

ASCII text file, 508 kB, unzipped 3.7 MB

This text file contains data from the Danish Food Composition Databank, version 7.01 in the original format defined for distribution of Danish food composition data. The data format is especially designed for distribution of data in a space efficient form. It is not suitable for direct use in spreadsheets or databases (see these below). The text file is 'zipped'.

Short Documentation of tagged text fields.

Access (Microsoft Access) database, 1.4 MB, unzipped 7.7 MB Microsoft Access database, version 2000 or higher.

Limited version containing a selection of data for all foods.

Excel file,320 kB, unzipped 1 MB

Microsoft Excel version 5.0 or higher - the file can also be imported in other spreadsheet software.

ASCII text file in delimited format

This format can be read by many applications or in selfdeveloped software. (under preparation).

Due to the size and download time, all the data files are presented in a compressed ('zipped') format. The files can be extracted with 7zip, WinZip or PKZip.

File documentation is presented in PDF format; to read a PDF-file, a PDF-reader is necessary.

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