National Food Institute - Technical University of Denmark (DTU) Danish Food Composition Databank - ed. 7.01


The official Danish Food Composition Database

Danish Food Composition Databank

New version 7.01 March 2009

The Food composition database is updated in a new and expanded version. There is no large increase in the number of food, but many data on content have changed since version 6.

The specific changes compared with version 6.0 can be found in Food Data Bank version 7 changes compared with version 6

In some cases, up special lists, if data in the Food Data Bank is not wide, see Special lists, for the time being iodine in drinking water and newer values of Vitamin K in foods.

Food Data Bank on the Web

Food Institute's Department of Nutrition continues a long tradition of publishing tables of food nutrient content of switching from the printed tables of food to release data on the web.

DTU's 5'th element In the last about 30 years, it has been a public duty to systemize and publish the thousands of data that comes partly from studies by the National Food Institute and predecessors, and from other research and industrial laboratories.

About Data Bank

Food Tables have a very long tradition in Denmark. They have many uses and is one of nutrition science basic tools. There have been drafted lists of food nutrient content of more than 125 years. Read more about it in the section Food Data History.

Use of Food Data Bank

You can search in the Food Data Bank here on this site, or you can download data to your own PC and work with data there.

When using food data in your own contexts, we recommend that you read the section on the use of food data, since there are some copyright and intellectual rights, we ask that you respect.

The people behind the Food Data Bank

Data is the next version 6 have been compiled, curated and edited by Erling Saxholt and Ole Hels and Food Data Bank in version 7 has been adapted to the Internet by Tue Christensen, but without any involvement from a wide variety of colleagues in laboratories and companies as well as our former colleague, Anders Møller, Food Data Bank had not been realized.

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