National Food Institute - Technical University of Denmark (DTU) Danish Food Composition Databank - ed. 7.01


Danish Food Composition Databank, version 7.01 - changes from version 6

Food Data Bank is updated in a new and expanded version. There is no large increase in the number of foods, but many numbers have changed since version 6. In version 7, there are 1,049 food.

This version 7.01 is also involves correction of available carbohydrate, amino acid values as well as a number of minor corrections compared to the original version 7.00 of 01-12-2008. For a complete lists of changes in Food Data Bank, version 7, as compared to version 6 see below.

New foods

Version 7 contains information on 1049 foods.

For a complete list of the new foods, see  List of new foods

Deleted foods

Code 5030 (Minimælk) is deleted and replaced by code 1560 (0.5% milk fat (Minimælk))

The most important changes to the components

For a complete list of component updates with the same source, see the updated list of components, same source

For a complete list of component changes with new source, see the updated list of components, new source

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