National Food Institute - Technical University of Denmark (DTU) Danish Food Composition Databank - ed. 7.01

Alphabetical list of foods

The Food Composition Databank contains information about the following foods with initial character T:

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No.Food name

 0647Tamarind, Indian date, raw

 0180Tangerine, canned

 0179Tangerine, raw

 0304Tea, leaves

 0305Tea, ready-to-drink

 1286Thistle oil

 0441Toffees, mixed

 1179Toffees, unspecified

 0841Tofu, soy bean curd

 0309Tomato ketchup, bottled

 1052Tomato ketchup, hot, bottled

 0311Tomato paste, concentrated

 0310Tomato puree

 0790Tomato, danish, ripe, raw

 1478Tomato, dried

 0791Tomato, imported, ripe, raw

 0307Tomato, peeled, canned

 0306Tomato, ripe, raw, origin unknown

 0308Tomatojuice, canned

 0936Tongue, calf, cured

 0322Tongue, calf, raw

 0323Tongue, ox, raw

 0937Tongue, pig, cured

 0324Tongue, pig, raw

 0893Torsk, tusk, raw

 0351Trout, raw

 0319Tuna, in oil, canned

 0320Tuna, in tomato sauce, canned

 0318Tuna, in water, canned

 0321Tuna, raw

 0211Turbot, raw

 1451Turkey, breast, boiled/smoked, sliced

 0109Turkey, flesh and skin, raw

 0110Turkey, flesh only, raw

 1346Turkey, minced, raw

 0149Turnip, raw

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