National Food Institute - Technical University of Denmark (DTU) Danish Food Composition Databank - ed. 7.01


Alphabetical list of foods

The Food Composition Databank contains information about the following foods with initial character P:

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 No.Food name

 0858Palm kernel oil

 0464Papaya, pawpaw, raw

 0210Parsley root, raw

 0209Parsley, raw

 0205Parsnip, raw

 0644Passion fruit, raw

 1233Pastilles, sugar added, unspecified

 1234Pastilles, sugarfree, unspecified

 1133Pastry with poppy seeds

 0987Pastry, average values

 1024Pastry, coco macaroon

 1132Pastry, croissant

 0567Pastry, frangipani pastry

 1025Pastry, garland cake

 1298Pastry, 'linse'

 0568Pastry, napoleon hat

 1454Pate, liver

 0050Peach, canned

 0051Peach, dried

 0049Peach, raw

 0195Peanut butter

 0859Peanut oil

 0215Pear, canned

 0214Pear, raw

 0238Pearl-sago (potato starch)

 0484Peas, chick/garbanzo, dry, raw

 0344Peas, green, canned

 0343Peas, green, frozen

 0342Peas, green, raw

 0345Peas, mature, dry, raw

 0651Pecans, dried

 0652Pecans, dry roasted

 0653Pecans, oil roasted

 0405Pepper, black

 0677Pepper, hot chili, canned

 0676Pepper, hot chili, raw

 0524Pepper, sweet, canned

 0206Pepper, sweet, green, raw

 0207Pepper, sweet, red, raw

 1054Pepper, white

 0891Perch, raw

 0634Persimmon, kaki fruit, raw

 1038Pheasant, flesh and skin, raw

 1039Pheasant, flesh only, raw

 0288Pig, fat

 0055Pike, raw

 0931Pikeperch, raw

 0654Pine nuts, pignolias, dried

 0833Pineapple juice, canned

 0004Pineapple, canned

 0003Pineapple, raw

 0655Pistachio nuts, dried

 0656Pistachio nuts, dry roasted

 0992Pizza Napolitana, frozen

 0995Pizza Romana, frozen

 0500Pizza, frozen, average values

 0586Plaice, fillet, battered, deepfried

 0902Plaice, fillet, breaded, dybfrost

 0236Plaice, raw

 0986Plain cake, average values

 0565Plain cake, chocolate cake

 0566Plain cake, frangipani cake

 0564Plain cake, lemon cake

 0640Plaintain, raw

 0018Plum, raw

 0895Pollack, lythe, raw

 0633Pomegranates, raw

 1337Pop corn, microwave oven

 0469Pop corn, oil and salt added

 1336Pop corn, oil and salt added, traditional

 1168Poppy seeds

 0935Pork sausage, frankfurter type

 0296Pork sausage, saveloy type

 1347Pork sausage, saveloy type, low fat

 0013Pork, belly, streaky bacon, whole cut, cured, raw

 0012Pork, belly, whole cut, cured, raw

 0299Pork, brawn, head cheese

 5007Pork, cheek meat, lean, raw

 0371Pork, cheek, cut, raw

 5016Pork, chop, raw

 5029Pork, cocktail sausage

 0382Pork, collar with rind, raw

 5023Pork, collar with rind, raw

 0381Pork, collar, defatted, raw

 0372Pork, flank, raw

 5018Pork, flank, rolled, raw

 0295Pork, flank, spiced, cooked

 0543Pork, ham, bayonne style, deboned

 1448Pork, ham, boiled, sliced

 0924Pork, ham, chump (M. Glutaei Etc.), lean, raw

 0248Pork, ham, cured, canned

 5008Pork, ham, outside muscle (M. biceps femoris), diced, lean, raw

 5009Pork, ham, outside muscle (M. biceps femoris), shredded, raw

 5005Pork, ham, schnitzel, escalope, raw

 0920Pork, ham, silverside (M. Biceps Femoris), 5 mm rind, raw

 0919Pork, ham, silverside (M. Biceps Femoris), lean, raw

 5012Pork, ham, silverside (M. Semitendinosus), lean, raw

 0921Pork, ham, silverside (M. Semitendinosus), lean, raw

 1245Pork, ham, silverside with rind, raw

 1246Pork, ham, silverside, 2 mm fat, raw

 0249Pork, ham, smoked

 0250Pork, ham, smoked, boiled

 0922Pork, ham, thick flank (M. Quadiceps Femoris), lean, raw

 0923Pork, ham, topside (M. Semimembranosus), lean, raw

 5027Pork, ham, viking steak, raw

 5006Pork, ham, wok strips from topside, raw

 1247Pork, hand with rind, raw

 0376Pork, hand, approx. 16 % fat, raw

 5010Pork, hand, diced, lean, raw

 0925Pork, hand, lean, raw

 1244Pork, hind leg without rind, raw

 0375Pork, leg with knuckle, raw

 0918Pork, legmuscles without knuckle, lean, raw

 0297Pork, liver paste, danish

 1453Pork, liver paste, danish, low fat

 5001Pork, loin (filet royal), lean, raw

 5002Pork, loin (medaillon), lean, raw

 5003Pork, loin (sauté slices), lean, raw

 0298Pork, loin fillet, smoked

 0379Pork, loin with rind, raw

 5020Pork, loin with rind, raw

 5021Pork, loin with rind, raw

 0380Pork, loin, defatted (approx. 3 mm fat), raw

 5015Pork, loin, defatted (approx. 3 mm fat), raw

 0927Pork, loin, lean, raw

 0285Pork, meat, approx. 10 % fat, raw

 0287Pork, meat, approx. 20 % fat, raw

 0284Pork, meat, approx. 32 % fat, raw

 0286Pork, meat, lean, approx. 3 % fat, raw

 0293Pork, mettwurst, smoked

 5028Pork, minced, approx. 6% fat, raw

 1343Pork, minced, high fat content, raw

 1344Pork, minced, low fat content, raw

 0550Pork, neck, smoked, boiled

 0928Pork, oyster cut, lean, raw

 5019Pork, rib steaks, raw

 0548Pork, saddle, smoked, boiled

 1140Pork, saddle, smoked, raw

 0294Pork, sausage, danish, raw

 0292Pork, sausage, frankfurter

 1001Pork, sausage, frankfurter, canned

 5017Pork, shoulder steaks, raw

 5014Pork, slice of neck, raw

 5024Pork, spare rib roast of thick belly, approx. 2 mm fat, raw

 5022Pork, spare rib roast of thin belly with rind, raw

 5025Pork, spare ribs, raw

 5004Pork, tenderloin, trimmed, raw

 0378Pork, tenderloin, trimmed, raw

 0373Pork, thick belly with rind, raw

 0929Pork, thick belly, defatted, approx. 2 mm rind, raw

 0374Pork, thin belly with rind, raw

 0926Pork, thin belly, lean, approx. 2 mm rind, raw

 0552Pork/beef sausage, saveloy type


 0583Potato chips, deepfried

 0443Potato crisps

 1332Potato crisps, coarse

 0442Potato crisps, fatreduced

 0116Potato flour

 0820Potato, automn (October to January), raw

 0836Potato, canned

 0819Potato, new (May to September), raw

 0821Potato, old (February to June), raw

 0115Potato, raw

 0865Potatoes, mashed, instant powder w/dry milk

 1120Potatoes, mashed, instant powder w/o dry milk

 0635Prickly pear, indian fig, raw

 0280Prune, dried plum

 1040Ptarmigan, flesh, raw

 0397Pudding powder

 0062Pumpkin, canned

 0061Pumpkin, raw


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