National Food Institute - Technical University of Denmark (DTU) Danish Food Composition Databank - ed. 7.01


Alphabetical list of foods

The Food Composition Databank contains information about the following foods with initial character L:

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 No.Food name

 0933Lake trout, raw

 0140Lamb, breast, raw

 0939Lamb, flank, raw

 0547Lamb, flank, spiced, cooked

 0940Lamb, leg with fat, raw

 0141Lamb, leg, average values, raw

 0941Lamb, leg, defatted, raw

 0942Lamb, loin, raw

 0138Lamb, meat, average values, raw

 0139Lamb, shoulder, raw

 0281Lard, pork

 1135Lard, pork, refined, Raffinol

 0212Leek, raw

 0041Lemon juice, fresh

 0834Lemon peel, raw

 0483Lemon sole, raw

 0040Lemon, raw

 1275Lentils, brown, dried, raw

 0147Lentils, dried

 1287Lentils, red, dried, raw

 0682Lentils, sprouted, raw

 0669Lettuce, Cos or romaine, raw

 0668Lettuce, iceberg (incl. crisphead types), raw

 0670Lettuce, looseleaf, raw

 0637Lime, raw

 2001Limonadeice, average values

 0881Ling, fillet, raw

 0832Lingonberry, jam

 0326Lingonberry, raw

 0481Linseed oil

 0480Linseeds, raw

 0413Liqueur, Advocaat

 1069Liqueur, average values

 1070Liqueur, brown cocoa

 0414Liqueur, Cherry Brandy

 1071Liqueur, coffee

 1072Liqueur, coffee with cream

 1073Liqueur, Crème de Menthe

 0415Liqueur, Curacao

 0445Liquorice allsorts

 1104Liquorice, average values

 1105Liquorice, salt

 1106Liquorice, sweet

 0143Liver, broiler or fryer, raw

 0144Liver, calf, raw

 0142Liver, chicken (hen), raw

 1045Liver, duck, raw

 1028Liver, goose, raw

 0145Liver, ox, raw

 0146Liver, pig, raw

 0914Lobster, boiled

 0084Lobster, canned

 0083Lobster, raw

 0628Loganberries, frozen

 0639Loquat, raw

 0900Lump, lumpsucker, raw

 0901Lump, lumpsucker, smoked

 0638Lychee, raw


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