National Food Institute - Technical University of Denmark (DTU) Danish Food Composition Databank - ed. 7.01

Alphabetical list of foods

The Food Composition Databank contains information about the following foods with initial character E:

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No.Food name

 0353Eel, raw

 0354Eel, smoked

 1031Egg, chicken, white, dried

 0341Egg, chicken, white, raw

 1032Egg, chicken, whole, dried

 0340Egg, chicken, whole, raw

 1030Egg, chicken, yolk, dried

 0339Egg, chicken, yolk, raw

 1033Egg, duck, whole, raw

 1034Egg, goose, whole, raw

 0592Egg, hen, white, pasteurized, frozen

 0593Egg, hen, whole, boiled, frozen

 0589Egg, hen, whole, pasteurized, frozen

 0590Egg, hen, yolk, salted, pasteurized, frozen

 0591Egg, hen, yolk, sugar added, pasteurized, frozen

 0401Elderberry, juice, concentrated, sugar added

 1159Elderberry, juice, concentrated, sugar not added

 0096Elderberry, raw

 0671Endive (escarole), raw

 0672Endive (frisee), raw

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