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Search Food Data

The National Food Institute's Food Composition Databank contains information about the nutrient content in the most important Danish and foreign foods.


The food composition databank contains information about 1032 foods.


You can search the databank in different ways:


Search on name You can perform a free text search for foods in the databank.
Alphabetical list Alphabetical list of all English food names in the Food Composition Databank.
Information about the single food is obtained by clicking the food name in question (or the corresponding food number).
Food group The foods are grouped according to food groups, and the foods can be selected by clicking the food name (or the corresponding food number).
Nutrient list List of proximates and nutrients covered by the Danish Food Composition Databank.

Information about the foods content of the nutrient in question is obtained by clicking the corresponding nutrient name in the list.

Special lists Lists with information, which is not suitable for food entries at present.
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