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Danish Food Composition Databank, version 6 - changes from version 5

Complete lists with the changes from version 5 can be found below.

New calculation methods

In this version of the Danish Food Composition Databank, the energy content, vitamin A and vitamin E activity has been calculated according to the new Nordic Nutrient Recommendations 2004 (for more information, see Information about the components - proximates).

More information for each food

In version 6, specific carbohydrates, fatty acids and amino acids have been included.

New foods

Version 6 contains information about 1032 foods. A thoruogh revision has been carried on especially breads, pork and delicatessen, vegetables and fruit as well as milk and cheeses.

Rye bread with fatty seeds, e.g. rye bread with sunflower seeds, soft kernel rye bread, country style rye bread, baguettes, italian type breads, and sandwich and toast breads are new Likewise, a series of delicatessen has been included i the food composition databank: chicken fillet, chicken sausage, sliced ham, fatreduced liver paste, fat reduced pork sausage, paté, and sliced and diced bacon.

For a complete list of the new foods, se List of new foods

The most important changes to the components

Apart from the mentioned changes in energy calculation and calculation of vitamin A and vitamin E activity as well as inclusion of information on specific carbohydrates, amino acids and fatty acids, especially information of calcium, phosphorus, iodine and calcium has been revised.

For a complete list of component changes see  List of changes to components







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